SUEZ is one of the nation’s leading environmental companies that provides safe, reliable, and environmentally sound water services and waste water management to over 7.5 million people in the United States and Canada. SUEZ leverages global strength and expertise to create solutions custom-tailored to local needs. From water systems to solid waste treatment and recycling, Suez helps customers of all sizes satisfy complex government standards.

Business Challenge

In 2015, the North American water company made the transition from United Water to Suez. With the rebrand, a new company name, logo, and color palette needed to be incorporated into all corporate materials, including an interactive web application that provided an array of modules to educate visitors on the various processes of water filtration and the company’s watershed.

Springboard originally created the interactive web application in 2015 and with the company’s rebrand the new logo and color palette needed to be updated. As part of this project, new modules and content (animations, maps, and community events) were added to the interactive web application, which is located in the main lobby of the Haworth Water Treatment Plant and an integral part of the company’s reception experience.

The project needed to be completed within a timeline of six weeks to ensure full functionality for a company event.


SUEZ approached Springboard to rebrand the existing interactive application while also integrating three additional modules with custom maps, icons, and animations to explain the stages that occur after water has been treated and the role that SUEZ plays in the community.

To begin the creative process, Springboard developed a series of storyboard sketches for each module to highlight the key steps in the animation. From there, the sketches were digitally illustrated in Adobe Illustrator and colored to adhere to the new SUEZ branding. The digital illustrations were then animated in Adobe Edge to produce responsive HTML animations and then developed into an interactive web application.

With the addition of three new components, the existing web application was re-architected to serve a total of five separate modules and a navigation functionality to easily move between each section. Each module is integrated into a Content Management System, giving the client the ability to easily input real-time data and additional information into the application.


Within six weeks, Springboard developed and launched a state-of-the-art interactive web application that educates the community on the water systems used throughout the North American region and the role that SUEZ plays in these processes.

Springboard’s expertise in graphic design, animation, and web development assisted SUEZ in its brand’s transition while expanding the content of the application. The full web application is displayed on two 70-inch screens in the main lobby of the Haworth Water Treatment Plant to encourage visitors of the facility to interact and learn about the stages of water and SUEZ’s role in the community.

“Springboard brought significant resources to bear in its development of a creative, interactive educational system that illustrates vital components of our business, including water treatment, watershed, and metering. The system has been very well received by visitors to our facilities and executive management, alike. This is the third phase of this project and each time the team brings new ideas and solutions to the table. We are thankful for a job well done.”

Steven Goudsmith, Director, Communications and Brand Management of Suez

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