Ericom Software is a global provider of enterprise software, specifically focused on remote access and virtualization solutions. Since 1993, Ericom has enabled organizations across industries to provide secure, centrally managed access to applications, desktops and data running on various platforms via a broad range of devices.

Business Challenge

The convergence of cloud computing, mobility and BYOD initiatives has fostered an array of solutions in the market, including those from large enterprise software companies such as Citrix, VMware, Oracle and Microsoft. To position their solutions within the market, Ericom needed to establish itself as a thought-leader and highlight how its products are being utilized to provide universal access to Windows applications and desktops across a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, Finance, Government and engineering. Since 2011, Springboard has collaborated with Ericom’s marketing team to implement a series of media campaigns.


Based on enterprise customer personas, Springboard developed a public relation strategy that targeted key media, influencers, and analysts across trade publications and industry verticals. To support PR efforts and differentiate Ericom from its competitors, Springboard developed a variety of content assets including infographics, case studies, and blog posts.


Through PR campaigns and ongoing media outreach, Springboard secured a broad range of media opportunities for Ericom including articles in enterprise technology publications and industry verticals, such as Network World, CIO, eWeek, TechTarget, CRN, Design News, eSchool News, and ZDnet.

Springboard also placed byline articles for Ericom, including articles featured on Flarrio as well as industry-specific media outlets such as Health IT Outcomes, K-12 TechDecisions, and Digital Engineering.

"In a crowded marketplace, Springboard has helped position Ericom as a thought leader. In addition to creating awareness for Ericom's product line though media coverage, Springboard has offered guidance on other areas of marketing and was instrumental in developing visually appealing, informative content assets. We view them as an extension of our marketing team."

Ilan Paretsky, Chief Marketing Officer, Ericom Software

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