Traversing New Territory

July 14th, 2016

It’s official – the Springboard team is moving to a new office space at the Bell Works complex in Holmdel, NJ this summer! We couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to grow and expand our business in a beautiful new building filled with a rich, deep history of its own.

Designed by renowned architect Eero Saarinen, the building first opened its doors in 1962 under its original Bell Labs moniker. Spanning the length of approximately three football fields, this megastructure was once hailed as a hub for innovation in the telecommunications industry. During this era, eight Nobel Prize awards were given to brilliant minds conducting groundbreaking research there. This same research set the foundation for many modern conveniences we now enjoy, such as cellphones, long-distance television signals, and computers.

The Somerset Development Corporation acquired the building in 2013 after it previously sat abandoned for nearly a decade. Their goal: revive the historical property’s innovative spirit and introduce a new take on what a community epicenter could be. In addition to stylish office spaces, project plans include health and wellness facilities, retail shops, restaurants, a hotel, a brand new public library, and more. Since we’re moving there early on in the development stage, we’ll be watching the vision come to fruition every step of the way.  

Joining us in this move are fellow former Marlboro-based company etherFAX and New York-based telecommunications company MetTel. We’ll be sharing our new office with etherFAX and are looking forward to enjoying a beautiful and creative new work environment.  Beyond on-site dining options and an upgrade in interior design, moving to Bell Works provides us with more floor space, brand new office equipment, and tangible potential to expand Springboard’s business practices.  

We’re excited to venture into this new space and join the incredible, diverse roster of different businesses and organizations that will also call Bell Works their new home. As we prepare to transition, we will notify clients regarding change of address, any temporary closings of business during moving day, and our exact moving date.  

Here’s a closer look around the office! 

Michael Bateman

Michael Bateman handles social media, content creation, and media relations needs for multiple accounts at Springboard. When he's not working in the office or sitting in grad classes, you can find him blogging, exploring Asbury Park, or watching New York Islanders games.

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