Three Ways to Keep Your Web Content Fresh

August 2nd, 2014

Your business’s website is your connection to your target audience and other professionals in your industry. Launching it is exciting. It’s the face of your business, the embodiment of what you spend all day everyday doing.

But how do you keep it feeling that way?

You should constantly be proud of the content on your website and excited to present it to colleagues and possible customers. So how do you keep your website feeling like new?

Don’t wait to update.

A website tends to get stale when it hasn’t been updated. Did you get a new logo? Has your company released new products or services? Are there new events happening within your company? Update your website to reflect what’s new.

Search engines like this, and so will your audience. A steady stream of new content such as a frequently updated blog or new e-books and whitepapers will help to boost engagement and keep audience members coming back for more.

When they do come back, interact with them.

Refresh your website’s content with interactive pieces that make your audience feel included. Strengthening their voice in the conversation will help them get excited about the services or product that you’re offering.

Customer surveys, polls and quizzes are great ways to get valuable feedback from your web visitors while also alerting them to the fact that their opinion is valuable to your brand.

Remember, your copy and images are never complete.

You should be consistently visiting old website content to make sure it’s still relevant and fresh. Repurpose old blog posts to help create new content or rewrite some old social media updates to keep the conversation flowing.

If you feel like your website needs a design change, try swapping out blog post images or giving one of your landing pages a face lift.

The bottom line – your website should be constantly reflective of the current state of your business. Web content and marketing materials should be kept up to date and fresh so they are constantly appealing to web visitors.

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