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June 20th, 2011

PR is not enough. That’s coming from a PR guy, so you should listen. In a world of fragmented media and segmented consumers, PR is important but needs to be supplemented with other efforts. At Springboard, we believe that with such conviction that we created a really fancy video about it. Scroll down to watch it (there’s a rocket towards the end if you’re still not sold on it).

The industry-acknowledged methodology POSE stands for Paid, Owned, Social and Earned.

  • Paid: advertising and sponsorships
  • Display: pay-per-click (PPC) and other search-based campaigns
  • Owned: websites, blogs, videos and other internally-created content
  • Earned: Public Relations, investor relations and other word-of-mouth activities.

Now, if you clicked on the above link, you’ll know that I lifted most of that language from the video, but it bears repeating in order to emphasize the underlying message: one-trick ponies can no longer thrive in today’s environment. There are just too many people clamoring for attention in too many avenues. That holds true whether you’re a fellow communications professional reading this or if you’re a small business, enterprise, non-profit or other brand trying to be heard above the din.

Having more tactics at your disposal increases your chances of effectively executing your strategy or achieving your objective. If vertical awareness is your goal, advertising in certain industry trades may be an effective tactic; an SEO campaign might be logical if you’re looking to increase the number of newsletter subscribers you gain from your website; and PR can be a good way to become a thought leader in your industry.

The point is that whatever the objective, whatever the strategy, more tactics lead to better results. If you focus only on PR or advertising or content marketing, you limit the number of tactics in your arsenal. Don’t limit yourself. Instead, discover your POSE.

If you are interested in learning more about how POSE can work for your business, contact us. The consultation is free.

Domenick Cilea

Domenick founded Springboard in 1995. When he is not working on marketing, PR, branding or content strategy, Domenick can be found in a gym, on the road or pool training to survive his next triathlon.

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