4 Things My Mother Taught Me About Branding

May 12th, 2017

Branding a business is a daunting task, especially when it is your own. You want to make sure it looks the right part on the outside, while still showing the heart and soul on the inside. You do everything you can to build it up, provide it with new opportunities, prepare it for the world, and hope that you’ve done enough for it to take off. Sounds a bit like being a parent, huh?

Okay, so I know they’re not the same thing — but as Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, it had me thinking of the advice my mother gave me in my adolescence and how those ideas still hold true for branding a business. So before you take the leap into branding your own business, keep these four tips in mind:

Be Authentic

Before you take the plunge in branding your own business, it’s important to remember why you created it in the first place. Figure out the brand message and what makes it different from every other business in the industry. Stay true to those statements throughout every phase of the branding process and your brand’s authenticity will always shine through.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

In a world full of successful businesses, it’s easy to compare yours to others in the industry. Perhaps the large majority of competitors use a specific design aesthetic for their brand identity. Maybe their brand voice is very straightforward and technical. While you may be tempted to follow along with the trends others, keep in mind that something that works for another brand may not work for your own. Instead of comparing your brand’s journey to the path that others have taken, focus on what works for you.

Hard Work Pays Off

Creating a successful brand takes a great deal of time and effort. There are many details to be thought out and steps to be taken before a launch. Rather than rushing the process to jumpstart your business, take the time to carefully consider each touchpoint of the brand and push it to it’s full potential. The work you put in beforehand will show in the end result.

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

If you’re overwhelmed with the task of branding your own business, you’re not alone. Rather than second guessing each step, consider hiring a professional to guide you through the process. Doing so may even help you see an outside perspective on things you may have missed.

Like growing up, establishing a brand will be filled with twists and turns that you must navigate through. It may end up at a different point than you originally anticipated, but you’ll gain a better understanding of your brand along the way. So when you take on the challenge of branding your business, remember to treat it as if it is your child. It turns out that mothers really do know what’s best!

Happy Mother’s Day.

Stefanie Osmond

Stefanie is Springboard's graphic designer and creative problem solver. Beyond her desk, she spends her time crafting, trying out new dinner recipes, watching competitive baking competitions, and sipping on tea.

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